Magnum Venus Products and CAMX 2018 join forces in Dallas this Month

CAMX 2018 will be held October 16-18, 2018, at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas. This expo offers its 8,000 attendees the unique opportunity to see the latest in the strengths and innovations of the composites industry. Created by two major industry leaders—the American Composites Manufacturers Association ACMA and the...

Composites are Taking Cargo Transportation to New Depths and Heights

Composites are known for their strength, lightness of weight, resistance to corrosion, design flexibility, and durability. The market for composites is constantly evolving, with new and innovative uses for these versatile materials being implemented every year. One of the most exciting places carbon fiber composites are being used today is...

UPS Deploying Electric Delivery Trucks Built With Cutting-Edge Composites

Electric vehicles are experiencing a renaissance, and after facing decades of challenges, EVs have become a hit with eco-conscious consumers who prize them for their zero tailpipe emissions. But it’s not just your neighbor that’s interested in these “green” vehicles; eco-friendly companies monitoring their carbon footprint are also investing in...

Watch: Composite Use in Transportation

Composite materials are flexible and durable, making them use in many industries. These materials are highly desired and can meet the diverse demands of today's transportation industry.

Composites Paving the Way to Lighter Automobiles and Fleets

As electric vehicles rise in popularity, the look and utility of cars continues to evolve. Electric vehicles are designed to eliminate the need for fuel while combating emissions; however, manufacturers must bear in mind the weight of the battery. As a result, lightweight composites are at the forefront for this...

MVP’s Path to Innovation Built on Dedication to Customers

Magnum Venus Products (MVP) is known for its innovation and consistently high-quality fluid handling equipment and products for a variety of applications. To best meet the needs of its customers in the marine, RV and home construction industries and others, MVP pays close attention to where the market is going....

MVP’s Adhesive and Putty Line Sticks to Core Values

Founded in 1938, Magnus Venus Products is the leading manufacturer of Composites application equipment. Last year, MVP celebrated 50 years of being incorporated and to build on that landmark anniversary, they expanded their production facilities to Knoxville, TN. At the Knoxville facility, MVP has been assembling the majority of their...

Composite Use in Railway Transport of Goods Is Evolving the Industry

Flexible and versatile composites play a role in a variety of industries. Because of the lightweight and durable nature of these materials, they are becoming a critical component in the railway transportation industry as well. Multiple types of composite materials are available for use in the manufacturing processes that go...

MVP Launches New Web Portal July 16th

When it comes to customer service, MVP has a long history of innovation. The company always seeks better ways to focus on the needs of valued clients and building lasting relationships. With the launch of a new web portal this month, MVP achieves a new level of value and convenience...

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