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MVP Announces East Tennessee Expansion and New Jobs for 2017!


In December, Magnum Venus Products (MVP) announced it will expand operations in Knox County, Tennessee. In addition to remaining headquartered in Knoxville, MVP will construct an 80,000-square foot manufacturing plant in the Hardin Business Park, located off Hardin Valley Road. With the added investment in manufacturing capacity, MVP is satisfying growing market demand for its products while putting roots deeper in the East Tennessee community we call home.

Peter Hedger, President and CEO of Magnum Venus Products, explains how important this community is to MVP: “While our company has operated a number of offices and manufacturing locations throughout the United States, our headquarters has been in Knoxville…This is a great location for us with all of the exciting businesses that have moved here in recent years, especially the large number of composite-related businesses. We are excited to expand our operations in East Tennessee – this is our home.”

Preparations for the new plant’s construction are expected to begin within the month on MVP’s 7.25 acre Knox County property. 70 new jobs are expected to be added in the second half of 2017 – that’s 70 of our neighbors, friends and family who will walk through those doors as proud new members of the Magnum Venus Products family. At MVP, we want our success to be the community’s success. Because of the quality work we do in the automotive, aerospace, energy, marine and railroad industries, we are growing. The MVP team can’t wait to welcome 70 new individuals into our family.

At MVP, we take great pride in our products. Our reputation as the premier supplier of high-tech pumps, spray guns, filament winding systems and composite application equipment is impressive. But our true strength in innovation and manufacturing is built on the intellect, strength and dedication of all our MVP employees. Just as they benefit when MVP achieves great results for our clients, we know it’s ultimately their communities that succeed.

At MVP, we’re thankful for our employees and the communities they call home, including and especially East Tennessee. After celebrating the New Year, we are grateful to be sailing into 2017 on a very high note. MVP is investing in the community that’s invested in us. The 70 jobs we’re creating at our new plant in Knoxville will make us all stronger than ever in 2017 – and in the years to come. This expansion is a gift that will keep on giving.

Magnum Venus Products wishes you and all of yours a great 2017 and offers a toast to the New Year: “To all of us! Together!” Visit us online at to put our strength to work for you.

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