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Patriot™ Pro Innovator Injection System

Pneumatic System for Injection/Infusion

  • Highly Accurate Patriot Technology
  • Powered and Operated Solely Through Pneumatics
  • Operated Solely Through Pneumatics
  • Patented Automatic Pro Gun Mixhead

The Patriot™ Innovator Pro Injection System was designed for injecting polyester, vinylester and methacrylate resins and catalyst at controlled pressures. The mixing of the materials happens at the injection head, and the catalyst ratio can be adjusted from 0.75% to 2.5%.

The fully pneumatic automated controls, controlling the number of strokes during injections, recirculation, and more makes the process easier and more efficient. Included features of this system include: Resin Gel Alarm (RGA), Mold Pressure Guard (MPG), Recirculation Package, Gun/TurboAutosprue on/off, and the flush controls. It is also designed to include the optional Pneumatic PV Sensor, Pneumatic AutoCatch and Heater Control.

Output Capabilities:  Up to 7.5 lbs./min. (3.4 kg/min.) depending on materials & application
Catalyst:  0.75% to 2.5% by volume
Displacement:  2.45 in.3 (40.15 cc)/stroke or 4.90 in.3 (80.3 cc)/cycle
Pump Ratio:  7:1
Maximum Fluid Outlet Pressure:  1500 psi (76 bar, 7.6 MPa)
Maximum Air Input Pressure:  100 psi (7 bar, 0.7 MPa)

  • Pneumatic PV Sensor
  • Pneumatic AutoCatch
  • Heater Control