External Mix ATC-4000 Chop Gun

MVP Guns are made with high quality parts that last and MVP's ATC 4000 is no exception.

  • Light Weight
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Solvent-Friendly

MVP Guns are made with high quality parts that last. MVP’s ATC 4000 is no exception. The ATC 4000 Gun encloses its needles in the gun protecting them from the spray environment. Our pneumatic trigger and air trigger gives the operator a controlled and precise shot to the target. MVP’s ATC 4000 is one of the most used guns in the world today.

Air Consumption: 20 – 30 CFM

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Precision Technology for Gelcoat Application


 Have you been looking for a reliable, rugged gelcoat system that will deliver precise application every time?  Have you had alligatoring or cracking in your finished gelcoat?  Then you need the Patriot™ Gelcoat System from MVP.  Single or multiple-color...same unmatched performance.   Click here to learn more.


MVP Brings Precise Control to Advanced Composites Injection


Are you planning to take your Closed Molding production to a new level, but just can't find the comprehensive injection system that will allow you to do that?  MVP now offers the solution:  The Patriot Innovator Plus Injection System.  Come see this new system at CAMX in the MVP booth (2783), and learn how you can bring a new level of innovation to your process. 

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