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Comet Multi-Axis Filament Winder

Two (2) - Four (4) axes manufacturing capabilities of small to medium sized parts.

The Comet Filament Winder from Magnum Venus Products can be easily customized for up to four (4) axes of programmable motion.  The Comet series winding system would provide a sturdy robust manufacturing platform for small-to-medium size filament wound products.  With the additional 3rd & 4th axis capabilities, additional shapes & applications become possible.  These shapes now can include tubular or tapered cylinders with dome or elliptical ends.

Filament winding is controlled through a user-friendly computer control program. Winding patterns are stored on computer hard drive for use on repetitive products, eliminating the need for re-entering the program each time a repetitive product is run.

All axes are servo controlled and controlled to match the generated winding programs of recipes.  Move commands are sent to all programmed axes to accomplish the programmed wind patterns.  Winding programs will provide the machine in an automatic mode for helical winding, hoop winding.  Winding program will control the basic winding functions:

  • Helical and Hoop Winding on cylindrical parts, e.g. pipes, drive shafts
  • Hoop winding and multi-stage hoop winding on cylinders parts
  • Helical geodesic winding on cylinders with dome ends
  • Helical geodesic winding on cylinders with cone ends
  • Joining paths on Cylinders (pipes)
  • Programming Control & Software MVP Multi Axes Control System
  • Length Between Head & Tail Chuck: Up to 144 in. (3.6 M)
  • Maximum Part Diameter Up to 30 in. (762 mm)
  • Number of Machine Axes 2, 3 or 4 axes capabilities
  • Standard Maximum Mandrel Rotational Speed Up to 150 rpm
  • Standard Maximum Carriage Traverse Speed Up to 200 fpm (61 mph)
  • Standard Maximum Crossfeed Traverse Speed Up to 180 fpm (55 mph)
  • Standard Crossfeed travel lengths up to 15 in. (381 mm)
  • Standard Maximum Eye Rotation Speed Up to 60 rpm
  • Eye Rotation Travel Between ± 90 degrees
  • Maximum Spindle Capacity Configurable, Standard up to 500 lb (227 kg)
  • Programming Software ComposicaD™, CADWIND or CADFIL®
  • Resin Dispense & Mix Equipment Epoxy, Polyester, Vinylester, etc.
  • Fiber Delivery Systems Wet winding, prepreg, etc.
  • Fiber Tensioning Bookshelf, mechanical, electronic tensioning
  • Material Monitoring Tracking of resin & fiber usage

What's Happening at MVP

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Innovative Closed Mold Demos Live at Composites Europe

Closed Molding can be the solution to creating complicated parts with multiple angles and undercuts, and MVP developed Flex Molding Process to make that even easier.  We will be in the CT Platon booth (#8A/A32) conducting live demonstrations using both a polyester resin from AOC, and the new thermoplastic resin from Arkema.  If you are looking for information on Advanced Equipment like filament winding, then you should visit the MVP Advanced Equipment Division booth (#8A/E61) to learn about what MVP has to offer.  Click here to learn more about the live demos at this show.


MVP Brings Precise Control to Advanced Composites Injection


Are you planning to take your Closed Molding production to a new level, but just can't find the comprehensive injection system that will allow you to do that?  MVP now offers the solution:  The Patriot Innovator Plus Injection System.  Come see this new system at CAMX in the MVP booth (2783), and learn how you can bring a new level of innovation to your process. 

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