Fresh Ideas from a Decades-Long Partnership

The entire composite industry is built on powerful combinations. Just as our products are composed of several parts that work together to make new materials with more desirable outcomes, so too is the leadership of the industry made up of organizations that work together to make one another stronger. MVP...

MVP’s Expanded Product Line Makes Your Process More Cost Effective

MVP has been a leading manufacturer of composite equipment for over 60 years, and services every leading manufacturing industry from aerospace to green technologies – and everything in between. Precision fluid dispensing technologies are what we do like no other. But that’s by no means all we do. Jeff Austad,...

MVP: Speed Your Production Timetable While Keeping Costs Down

Today’s manufacturers are continually seeking ways to introduce new efficiencies and cost savings into their production. Those most dedicated in that search have streamlined areas of operations that, until recently, eluded attention. One of the areas many manufacturers traditionally managed with a make-do, analog attitude, is industrial fluid storage, handling,...

MVP’s High Standards – It’s Genetic

Ever-expanding modern technology continues to provide huge opportunities for the fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) and composites industry. Such growth and change inevitably present new challenges, as well. The petroleum, automotive, marine, and green technology industries, for example, require more highly-customized, user-friendly, and economical FRP solutions to meet their manufacturing needs. In...

MVP: Developing Solutions, Manufacturing Innovation

Prior to the creation of our patented Fluid Impingement Technology (FIT), government organizations’ awareness of the problems triggered by styrene emissions inside and outside of workshops had plummeted. Why? Well, typical research covering VOCs for spray is focused on droplet size. Emissions rise when the overall surface area of the...

MVP Helps Eliminate Waste and Inefficiency with Innovative New Product

Manufacturing executives are under increasing pressure to reduce or even eliminate wasteful processes. One way to do this is through lean manufacturing, a term first used by John Krafcik in his 1988 article, “Triumph of the Lean Production System.” When working as a quality engineer in the Toyota-GM NUMMI joint...

MVP Plural Component Pumping Equipment

Magnum Venus Products has a prominent history of supplying systems for applying polyester resins and gel coats for the marine, tub and shower, and other composite markets. MVP has also produced equipment for adhesives, epoxies, and polyurethanes. When it comes to supplying the highest quality equipment in the composites industry,...

MVP Patriot Adhesive Systems Deliver Industry Leading Performance

The global adhesives market is continuing to expand as innovations in technology are improving efficiency and product quality. For example, the industry is experiencing a shift from traditional solvent-based adhesives to high performance products including reactive adhesives and single component adhesives. Innovations and efficiency gains have broadened product applications, raising...

Composites Keep Cargo Cool

With increasing pressure on profits, trucking companies struggle to save fuel and carry more cargo. Wabash National's Cold Chain Series refrigerated van trailer, made from the company's proprietary molded structural composite, is 25% LIGHTER so it allows trucks to carry more cargo while using less fuel.

MVP – Living up to its Name in the FRP Industry

Founded by Jim Hedger, Sr. in 1938, Graves Spray Supply began as a distributor for coating equipment. The company, and its reputation for excellence, quickly grew with a client list that included Ford, Chrysler, GM, GE, and many more. To satisfy customer needs for equipment, Graves transitioned to manufacturing automated...

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